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09/03/2013 Wang Zhongjun, King of Entertainment

08/23/2013 Zhang Zhao, the game changer

06/23/2013 The grand master Xu Haofeng

05/23/2013 Jennifer Jao on the Taipei Film Commission

05/19/2013 Le Marché du Film, an interview with Jérôme Paillard >> Cannes 2013

04/26/2013 Bérénice Reynaud – Sailing through Europe, America and Asia: it’s all about films!

04/19/2013 HAF, a film financing tribune that defies boundary >> 37th HKIFF

04/15/2013 A brief history of Chinese independent film with Tony Rayns

02/05/2013 the dGenerate ecology: a talk with Kevin Lee

01/28/2013 When memory goes digital: Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit on 36

11/15/2012 You can’t go home again: Our Homeland

11/10/2012 Lotus: a dubious dilemma

08/27/2010 about me


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