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Clueless: a post-feminist propaganda

The First-wave feminism enabled women the right to vote, the Second-wave feminism entitled women with more equal rights in family and workplace, with more personal reproductive rights and such. However, after revolutions conducted and so many rights attained, instead of building a further and wider world of liberation and achievement, women are trapped in a…

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three teen films in post-Bergman Sweden

People usually equal Ingmar Bergman to Swedish films. To look more scientifically, according to Andrew Higson’s illustration of nation cinema: “to look inward, reflecting on the nation itself, on its past, present and future, its cultural heritage, its indigenous traditions, its sense of common identity and continuity… [and] to look out across its borders, asserting…

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Orlando as a feminist film

To depict Orlando (Sally Potter, 1992) as a feminist film and its protagonist Orlando played by Tilda Swinton as “a time-traveling feminist observer” requires us, in the first place, to have a close look at the definition of feminism. According to the Encyclopedia of Feminist Theories: feminism means “general respect for women’s own perspectives and…

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