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09/06/2019 Producer Shozo Ichiyama Talks About Film Production

11/08/2018 The Rich Life of Tora-san and His Family

05/25/2015 China: The Young Market

10/29/2015 Stand by Me Doraemon, a case study

11/30/2015 China’s Animation Business

09/09/2015 Business Opportunities in the China Film Market

05/11/2015 Korean Stars Over China

10/07/2014 400 Years A Romance

06/29/2014 What’s New in China’s Film Marketing?

06/05/2013 Changes and challenges of the Chinese film industry

02/16/2013 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow – Arvin Chen’s rainbow rhapsody >> 63rd Berlinale

02/15/2013 63rd Berlinale: Quan Ling on Forgetting to Know You

02/09/2013 TPB AFK – the digital communist manifesto, a talk with director Simon Klose 

02/07/2013 IFFR 2013: Memories Look at Me by Song Fang

02/07/2013 IFFR 2013: Longing for the Rain by Yang Lina

11/19/2012 Egg and Stone: fragility vs. solidity

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